The Super Bowl LII Champion Philadelphia Eagles work to strengthen and support a high quality of life for generations of fans because we believe there is no offseason to good citizenship.

Born from our team’s core values of partnership and teamwork, the Eagles Care initiative began in 2013 focusing on nonprofit capacity building.  Through the program, the team partners with nonprofits to provide mostly non-traditional assets which strengthen and support their growth.  Partners receive a year of full, unrestricted support across the board via education, mentoring and resource allocation designed to increase the Eagles’ and nonprofit’s impact.

Our application process will not begin until February 2019. If your organization would like to learn more about the Eagles Care partnership for the 2019-2020 season, please contact Claire Kirby at A list of frequently asked questions is below, but if your question is not answered there, please feel free to reach out to Claire for assistance.

We look forward to hearing back from you!


What benefits do Eagles Care partners get? Why should my nonprofit apply?

Each partner receives different benefits from the program based on their individual organizational needs. Our goal is to provide a wide array of Eagles assets to our Eagles Care partners across the year. A smaller financial contribution along with traditional player, cheerleader and mascot appearances will be a part of the partnership; however that is only the beginning. From staff training to in-kind donations to special gameday experiences, our Eagles Care partners receive access to all organizational assets and are the first place we offer most opportunities that the team is able to provide.

Do you work with any other nonprofits outside of Eagles Care partners?

Yes. We continue to work with a variety of nonprofit partners throughout the year but our focus is on our partners and helping them grow.

What if our social media or newsletter numbers are small?

We understand that organizations vary in size, scope and complexity and are trying to get a full picture of your organization. To that end, please do not feel the need to exaggerate your numbers to seem like a bigger force on social media (for example) than you are. We want to know where you stand in those areas and to see if we can help you grow.

How long are Eagles Care partnerships?

Partnerships last for one year, generally from July to July, however Eagles Care partners remain a part of the family through the Eagles Care Network after the initial partnership year is over.

How many Eagles Care partners will you have?

In past years we have selected between 3-5 Eagles Care partners and expect the number will be similar for 2019.

What criteria do you use to select Eagles Care partners?

We take many elements into consideration, including: Eagles priority issue areas, the nonprofit’s location and size and its ability to benefit from and provide benefits to the partnership.

Are there any eligibility requirements?

To be eligible for consideration, organizations must:

  • Have a 501(c)(3)
  • Have at least 1 full time employee
  • Have a budget under $10 million
  • Be located in and provide services to the Eagles market (tri-state area)
  • NOT discriminate against any person as an employee, volunteer or recipient of services
  • In the case of a local chapter of a national organization, the local chapter is ineligible if the national chapter provides more than 50% of the organization’s funding

*Exceptions will be made in very limited circumstances.